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Getting too excited for NYC Fashion week! One week to go…….


Working on event design in Glasgow and throughout the UK, I am always looking for new inspiration when designing my decor.

Im lucky enough to travel to NYC Bridal Fashion week each season to hand select gowns direct from the runway for my lovely bridal boutique, the Bridal Garden.
When Im there I get to see the new key inspirations for the future brides, it is such a thrill! I have had the pleasure of witnessing the great Preston Baileys work at fashion events, my inspiration! His work is outstanding, more is more, and drama, just the way I love my weddings, but such a beautiful man, who clearly has the respect of his team and they work together to create magical settings, when I was getting married, all of those years ago, it was he that I turned to. Not being in the business yet, I owned his books, the attention to detail and pure perfection is why I do what I do today.

On my last visit I bumped into Sylvia Winestock, anyone who knows anything about cakes, knows this AMAZING lady, if you don’t, google her now and see her art for yourself!
So, who will I meet next week, I’m so excited I can’t wait, getting to work in such a creative industry is just FABULOUS!


What can I do for you?

I have had the pleasure of working on many fabulous weddings this year in Scotland, I have even travelled to Portugal to transform the stunning Villa Vita Parc. I love that my brides allow me to be creative and trust my knowledge and judgement.

However that being said, I feel that there are many people that don’t really understand what it is I actually do, as many contacts first question is, do you have packages and can you send a price list?

The answer to this is no.

I am an event designer. I do everything and anything decor related designing bespoke for each client. Carpets, flowers, draping, props, stationery and much more, the list goes on!!

After a lengthly consultation where we discuss in fine detail your wedding expectations, my team and I work on the perfect design and present it to you at the following meeting.

I am so passionate about my decor, most of my clients tell me to do my thing and trust me completely, which can be very flattering one one hand, but on the other…stressful. My aim is to exceed my clients expectations. And if they don’t know what to expect?? However, thats when the decor transcends!

Creating the designs is the fun part, here is a picture of a wonderful wedding at the Radstone Hotel recently.


Welcome to my new website.


Welcome to my new website.
I hope you love the the design,and find it easy to navigate. I wanted it to showcase our decor in simplest way possible, making it easy for you to view our work, whether it be for inspiration or to get in touch for us to transform your venue!

I will be adding to the blog at any given chance offering advise and news on wedding decor. If there is anything in particular you would like advise on please pop an email over to

Love Jordana x